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Life is good when you ride a bike :-)
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VeloBetty is cycling for everybody, all ages and abilities.  We provide coaching, skills clinics, organized group rides, and special events, along with fun cycling clothing for women  

Join us for road cycling, mountain biking or track cycling on the velodrome. VeloBetty is taught by women, especially for women, yet we love to 
invite the guys to ride at special co-ed events :-)

We guarantee you will ride faster and stronger with increased fitness. You will improve your bike handling skills and build confidence in a social, non-competitive atmosphere. VeloBetty makes it fun to become a better cyclist.

If you are new to cycling or have been pedaling for years, VeloBetty makes it easy to learn new bike skills and even make some new friends. Come ride with us!

Programs and Clinics
VeloBetty Club 

Betty Top 5 Benefits of Cycling


1. Cycling is a low impact sport. For people who have problems with running this is a perfect solution. It builds cardiovascular strength, muscular strength, and just plain old general fitness without any of the jarring that you get from impact sports. You can ride a bike no matter how old you are, and the age old adage is true. You never forget how to ride a bike.


2. Cycling is fun. We all rode bikes as kids and didn’t think about it as a workout. It was fun. It feels free to be outside and feel the wind in your face. Try to get back to that feeling of being a kid. Enjoy it simply for the sake of having fun. You don’t need to go hard to have a good time. You can actually get a good workout by just riding around town looking at your world from a new perspective.


3. Cycling is social. I think that a lot of people overlook the social aspect of sport. Cycling can be done in groups, and as anyone who has ever been on a group ride knows, the time passes much more quickly with friends. Why is the social aspect of cycling important? Because being part of  a group can help motivate you to stay committed to your sport. We all have our moments of weakness, and having cycling friends help you get out and stay fit.


4. Cycling burns a lot of calories! You can spend a long time on the bike because it’s easy on the body. Most of us who ride a lot love to eat. You would never guess by the bodies of cyclists because they are endurance athletes and tend to be muscular and thin, but many of us can consume up to 4000 calories in a day! Making good food choices is important, but the bottom line is that you need to fuel your body to keep up with calorie consumption as a cyclist and that rocks!.


5. Cycling makes you happy.  When you ride outdoors, you will see things that you might not notice when driving in your car. Your body creates endorphins when you ride, and these increase the happiness you feel when seeing pretty flowers, a cute puppy, and of course your speedometer increasing as you enter that wonderful zone…the zone where you feel happy to be on your bike.